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The Missing Piece

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Working at Blip

The pixel’s not you, it’s not us. It’s us both.

It’s an amazing experience working at Blip. Creating the new. Reinventing the rules. And delivering the most inventive sports betting websites, mobile apps and retail systems for 14 million customers around the globe.

We bring people together. We are gathered around the common goal of making the world of entertainment a better, safe and fun place and then communicate in formal and informal ways in a diverse and inclusive work environment. We do it by adapting ourselves to everyone’s needs and purposes while helping everyone fit into our culture adding value to the business in their own unique way.

Agile practices. Bespoke technology. And an international team of almost 400 people who are as inspired by bold new ideas as you are.

It’s not a job. It’s a way of being and it all starts here.

The numbers don’t lie

Some mind-boggling stats

raising the bar in over 100 countries
20 Offices around the globe
More than 14.000 colleagues across five continents
online transactions processed every 24 hours
live events streamed every year
daily log data output
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