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We design and engineer sports betting websites, mobile apps and retail systems for millions of customers across the globe. And we do it using state-of-the-art technologies, languages and frameworks. The way we work? It’s agile. It’s creative. And it’s bespoke.

The sheer scale of what we do is staggering. Like Google and eBay, we’re members of the API Billionaires Club. We process 135 million transactions every day, and monitor 100,000 data points a second.

We’re always questioning, always inventing, always developing – both ourselves and our technology. After all, why buy your tech off the shelf, when you can create a better version yourself?

Our teams

Networks and infrastructure

As part of a global, 24/7 business, any time our systems go down our customers notice it immediately. We need to react to problems, fast. This is why we have a cloud strategy that brings together one of the most well-known public clouds with our own private cloud. And why we have an in-house team of Infrastructure professionals to back it up.

We supply everything from the data center cabling to the core infrastructure. Understanding all the component parts not only makes us fast and flexible, but it helps us control and create elegant solutions on a daily basis.

Products, Projects and Programmes

We have a proud history of creating new products that keep us at the front of the pack. Making these new ideas happen takes passion, an encyclopedic knowledge of our systems and a sharp mind.

With us, you’ll create bold new products. You’ll also have the chance to explore in all sorts of directions, as you work closely with teams across our business to define and deliver new solutions.


We don’t believe in off-the-shelf. We prefer bespoke. We love data and insights, we write code in Java, JavaScript, Scala, React, Storybook, GraphQL, Ruby, and.Net and we’re at the cutting edge when it comes to delivery. Agile practices like Scrum, DevOps and Kanban are the norm here.

As you’d expect, we provide software and websites for both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (all major browsers). Our offerings are supported by the same software development practices deployed in private clouds that run on the latest virtualization tools from VMware.

We’re constantly asking: “How can we make our products faster, more reliable and more attractive for our customers?” If you have a killer idea here, we’ll help you bring it to life.


With a large design team spread across multiple locations, we create the apps and websites for our brands in-house. We have UX & UI Designers who work closely together – and with Developers and other stakeholders too – to help create the best experiences possible for our customers.

We’re constantly asking: ‘How can we make our products more attractive and easier to use for our customers?’ We also never stop testing, evaluating, and improving our existing products to stay ahead of the competition.


The scale and technologies bring a lot of excitement but also challenges to maintain high standards and the best in class cybersecurity practices.

Given the scale and exposure of Flutter’s Group to trending cybersecurity threats makes it a challenging environment to learn and grow together with experienced security professionals. Thinking outside of the box to solve and improve challenges is a core value in a place where open source plays a master role.

Strategy and Leadership

Delivering a strategy for a company that keeps on rewriting the rulebook is a challenge. From real-time trading platforms to innovative e-commerce solutions, we create the bespoke technology that drives our industry.

Our Strategy and Leadership teams work across Flutter to provide strategic thinking around the future of technologies within our business. Assessing how we’re going to build new products and technology services, how they’ll fit into our overall architecture, and what our roadmap for the future looks like is intense and rewarding all at once.

Our technology

Here’s a quick list of all the languages, tools and platforms we use.

  • Languages
    Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, Perl, Scala
  • Frameworks
    AngularJS, Betfair Cougar, Node.js, RxJS, Redux, ReactJS
  • Middleware
    Apache Kafka, Jetty, Apache ZooKeeper
  • DBs
    MySQL, Oracle, Apache HBase, Apache Hadoop, SQL Server, AWS RedShift, AWS EMR, ElasticSearch
  • Platforms
    OpenStack (Nuage, Ironic), Linux, Windows, Cloud Compute
  • Tools
    GitLab, Chef, Ansible, Artifactory, Jenkins, ThoughtWorks Go, Confluence, Sonar, Splunk, Perforce, FitNesse
  • Monitoring
    OpenTSDB, OpenTSPS, Riemann, Zenoss, PagerDuty, Nagios, Sensu
  • Security
    Prolexic, Akamai, edgescan, Checkmarx, Qualys, LANGuardian, AppScan, Acunetix, Fortify
  • Data & Analytics
    Tableau, QlikView, Talend, KNIME, R

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