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Site Reliability Engineer

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What you can expect

To work in a company that is part of the Paddy Power Betfair Group is to work in one of the largest and fastest-growing online betting and gaming operators in the world. Here you’ll experience different, because this is a place where tenacious, adaptable and quick thinkers thrive and only the best manage to get a position.

At Blip you will be working in an international environment with:

  • More than 7500 employees (close to 300 in Porto);
  • 16 distinct locations around the globe, 4 of them technology development centers;

You will be working on a high scale and high demand environment. This will mean:

  • Delivering product at scale for over 5 million customers;
  • Deliver performant product. 99,9% of transactions in less than a second and that our systems process more than 7 million transactions every day (more than all the European stock exchanges combined).
  • Deliver high transitional products. We are in fact part of the API Billionaire’s club supporting and evolving an API serving more than 2.5Bn calls a day.

You will find a diverse technical landscape to explore, leverage and innovate:

  • Java, Spring, Kafka, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Cassandra, Storm, Open TSDBP, Python, Scala, Akka, GoLang (all of the up to date) are some of the technologies and frameworks that you will naturally find.

You will find a high availability delivery environment:

  • The products you develop will comply with ambitious uptime targets: less than 50 minutes downtime expected per year;

You will be working in a truly continuous delivery environment that includes:

  • Continuous Integration, Deployment and Testing;

You will be working in an environment where we strongly believe that our people are our most important asset and we invest on them intensively. This means:

  • Having a continuous personal development process;
  • Investing in your competences development not seen as a perk but as a fundamental must: for two years in a row (2017 and 2018) Blip was voted as the best company for personal and professional development in Portugal;

Working in Blip will also mean working in an environment deeply focused on the wellbeing, happiness and sense of belonging of our employees. Our mottos are “Work-life balance” and “Full flexibility, full responsibility”. You will find benefits like:

  • The possibility to work remotely;
  • Showers and locker rooms;
  • Bicycle parking for you to explore alternatives on commuting to work;
  • Fully provisioned kitchen with free breakfast and coffee breaks;
  • Doctor, masseuse, nutritionist and ergonomist at the office;
  • Health insurance;
  • Mobile allowance;
  • Choice of operating system;
  • Own your laptop and accessories;
  • CSR – 2 social days allowance;
  • Sports Training;
  • Partnership discounts;
  • English lessons;
  • 3 Extra days of vacation;
  • Finance advisory;
  • Blip Baby Kit;
  • Referral bonus scheme;

The needed background

Key Responsibilities

  • Take active part in the production problem root cause investigation, identification and resolution (where necessary);
  • Lead the identification of components and services with sub optimal reliability and design / engineer improvements:

    • Define and revise Service Level Indicators (SLIs);
    • Iteratively perform Auditing of performance and reliability vulnerabilities;
    • Be active part of performance and capacity testing;
    • Optimize reliability monitoring & alerting;
    • Optimisation of the application integration with the company private & public cloud solutions;

  • Contribute towards automation:

    • Reduce toil;
    • Own, develop and maintain cross company fundamental enablers:

      • Open TSDB;
      • Single Page Application Monitoring;

  • Set the best practices regarding performance, reliability, monitoring and alerting:
    • Contribute to the definition and revision ofService Level Objectives (SLOs);

  • Perform consultancy to enable a new or existing component to meet the SLO;
  • Do coaching to the remaining delivery members on the SRE best practices;

Key experience & qualifications

  • IT Background;
  • SolidOperating Systems& Networking knowledge;
  • Multilingual Developer in Java, Javascript, GoLang and more;
  • Development experience of a high concurrency/high transactional, multi-currency and multi time zone solutions;
  • Expert in Configuration Management tools such as Chef.
  • Intimately familiar with CD/CI pipelines comprising Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Go, Ansible and more.

Preferential qualifications

  • Expertise on the following (preferably all) technologies:
    • Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, Zookeeper;
    • Scripting languages such as Python;

  • Familiar with the usage of automatic alerting and real time series metric collection and analysis;
  • Familiar with the JVM and its monitoring and optimisation usage activities;
  • Understand the RPM package management system to be able to create and maintain RPM binaries;
  • Experience of cloud technologies:

    • Experience of working with OpenStack
    • Experience of Container technologies Kubernetes or Docker

  • Background in large scale, highly transactional site delivery and operations.
  • Interest on diagnosing and fixing complex production issues

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the best team in Portugal!

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