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How your passions can make you a better professional
There are many ways your hobbies can make you a better professional. Sometimes a hobby can even lead you to the start of a new career or help you find your dream job. This applies to many areas and IT jobs are no exception.
3 years ago

At Blip, we value people who are passionate about their work – whether you are an iOS Developer, a Quality Assurance Engineer, an Office Manager, a UI Designer, a Cloud Automation Engineer, a Frontend Developer, or any other position – but we also value the passions of our team outside work. We believe that the two are deeply connected and, for that reason, we strongly support a good work-life balance, so there can be enough time for everything.

There is so much you can learn practicing your passion. For example:

You can learn how to focus

Kendoka Blip

“Kendo gives me a focal point to direct my energy and allows me to clear my head. It also influences my attitude towards things like commitment and perseverance.” – João Vale, Senior Cloud Automation Engineer @ Blip

If you are passionate about something that requires discipline – like a martial art, a musical instrument or a sport – you might learn valuable lessons that can be applied to your work life.

You might even become a more committed and resilient person, two qualities which any tech company will value. Learning where you should channel your energy when you’re working in a tech project is essential. Not giving up when you’re facing new obstacles every day is equally key.

In the case of a Senior Cloud Automation Engineer, there are a few technical skills requested, such as extensive knowledge of software design, process, and workflows, as well as data center and cloud infrastructure. But, due to the level of responsibility that this position requires, the mentioned qualities of commitment and resilience play a key role. Enterprise cloud deployments rely extensively on automation to drive the underlying infrastructure, so a cloud automation engineer can ultimately make or break a cloud strategy.

You can become more independent

Blip Lara

“My passion for DIY makes me feel capable and independent. Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.” – Lara Teixeira, Office Manager @ Blip

When you test yourself on a regular basis, you’re breaking down barriers regarding what you believe you are able to do. Sometimes, that is all you need to feel more empowered. Such self-confidence is very useful for the position of Office Manager.

As an Office Manager, you have to ensure the smooth running of an office on a daily basis. You often need to deconstruct attitudes and be able to connect with people. In order to be good at it, you need to be independent and confident in your own opinions.

You can learn to communicate better

Bárbara Blip

Playing online multiplayer games has taught me a lot about communication and cooperation.” – Bárbara Salgado, Quality Assurance Engineer @ Blip

To Bárbara, the passion for video games helped her to discover a job she is passionate about. As a gamer, she used to join public beta environments where she played with the sole purpose to test new features and report bugs. She was just aiming to make the game better, but without even realizing it, she was also taking her first steps in the quality assessment area.

Being a gamer has also made her a better professional, mainly when it comes to her communication and leadership skills.

 The QA Engineer responsibilities include designing and implementing tests, debugging and defining corrective actions. It can also include the review of system requirements and track quality assurance metrics. Being able to coordinate the team in order to make a tech product better is an essential skill.

You can improve Teamwork

Elisabete Blip

“Playing volleyball helped me to be better at teamwork.” –Elisabete Simões, Quality Assurance Analyst @ Blip

Teamwork is essential in any group project or company. Even when you are working remotely, you will have to cooperate with the project team. If you have ever played a team sport, you’ll have more experience in dealing with group dynamics and you might be able to come out with a faster and more effective strategy to overcome a possible conflict within the team.

Follow your passion

At Blip, you’ll find a passionate team, awesome technology, and Software Engineering at its finest.

We’re in the API Billionaire’s Club alongside Twitter, Facebook, and Google. The code we write is used by over five million people across the world.

In 2017, not only were we voted Magazine Visão – Expresso’s “Best Company to Work for in Portugal”, we were also voted “Best Company for Personal & Professional Development”, “Best Workplace” and “Best Technology Company to Work for”. In 2018, we were elected the Best Company to Work for in the North of Portugal and we kept the 1stplace in terms of Personal & Professional Development.

Working at Blip, you’ll be able to experience some of the best tech jobs and develop new skills. You’ll be working in Porto, one of the best Portuguese cities to live and work in the IT field. You can also have the opportunity to work from home and in a Full Flexibility & Full Responsibility environment.

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